Should you witness any Welfare/ Safeguarding incidents or have any concerns on the topic please feel free to get in touch -  all enquiries will be confidential. 
A copy of the summary statement of Falcon’s Safeguarding Policy can be found in the porch at the front of the clubhouse and via
this link.
You can use the Incident Report Form> to report incident and/or accidents to the Welfare Officer and do follow the advice in the Safeguarding Policy>
St Andrew’s First Aid guidance is available


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Welfare Officer:
Steve Lynch

07860 604725
A member of Falcon for almost twenty years, I have always enjoyed the relaxed vibe of our friendly club. A regular at the socials, and despite displaying no particular talent for tennis, I enjoy the set up at Falcon immensely.

My (now grown up children) have both benefited from coaching at a young age at Falcon and very occasionally return to the scene of former glories (Falcon junior champions, obviously not chips off the old block!)
I was the one always last to be picked at team sports at school and my (rather sadistic) PE teacher used to take great delight in highlighting my limited sporting talents, by regularly smashing footballs at me, whilst declaring that I was the worst goalkeeper the school had ever had! (Don’t worry no lasting effects of this.) Perhaps this installed in me the importance for inclusiveness and encouragement in sports for both children and adults in a safe, happy environment - thanks Mr McGaskill! (not his real name).

I am a regular at the club socials and events and always more than happy to discuss and help with any welfare or safeguarding issues you may have, in complete confidence.

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